Launching a Sequel

Book two in my World of Linaria series, Palom, has been out for a couple of months now. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown! In that time, I’ve sold a little over 200 copies which is still super surreal! Reviews have started to trickle through which has been quite nerve-wreaking! You can […]

London Film and Comic Con – Wrap Up

London Film and Comic Con took place at Olympia at the end of July. It’s definitely the biggest show I’ve had a dealer table at, and despite being so overwhelmed and having a panic attack on the Saturday, the convention was sensational! I met so many amazing people (some of whom I’d met at previous […]

My Self-Publishing Journey – One Year On

It’s not every day that you get to enjoy an anniversary. This post isn’t about any sort of relationship, though, it’s about my self-publishing journey so far. Several friends of mine suggested writing a sort of “one year on” wrap-up post, so I’ve put together some of what I’ve done, how I’ve done it, and […]

My Self-Publishing Journey – Lesson #4: You’re Not Going To Make Any Money

Welcome to post four of my five-post series! Last week I talked about the third thing I learned on my journey to publishing my novel – research, research, research. You can read the previous posts in the series here. Self-publishing has pros and cons like anything. Self-publishing costs, however, can add up. Pros = you […]

My Self-Publishing Journey – Lesson #2: Build An Audience Before You Launch

Welcome to post two of my five-post series! Last week I talked about the first thing I learned on my self-publishing journey – finish the damned book before setting a go-live date. You can read the post here. I’m a first time self-published author, and although I did (what I thought was) plenty of research, […]