Sapora is a Varkain, one of the most hated races of all Linaria. Grey-skinned creatures with the ability to shapeshift into snakes, the Varkain are rarely seen above ground, and shunned when they are. The Varkain have a centuries-long rivalry with their brother race, the Ittallan, and their history is littered with battles and conquering.

Calm and collected, Sapora’s temper rarely flares. It is in fact his cool temperament that makes people so wary of him; and he boasts an arrogance befitting any of the social elite.

Sapora believes himself above all and often treats others with contempt. There is very little that he fears, and he delights in scaring those who fear or annoy him. He travels alone, defending himself with his fangs and claws, and using his twin scimitars only in desperate situations. He hungers for blood and power in equal measure, and often succeeds in getting what he wants through manipulation of those around him.

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Artwork by Art of Monztre.