Palom is a blacksmith and member of an ancient race who can change into their “true” forms – his is a tiger. Proud and stalwart, Palom is a beast of a man, towering at almost seven foot tall, and has an incredible strength which he uses to protect those he cares for.

Originally from the town of Feoras Sol in Val Sharis, Palom spent much of his youth mining as it was by far the easiest and quickest way of earning a living. He lost his brother in an unfortunate mining accident, and decided to seek a new trade. Using the ore and metal he had obtained, he headed towards the larger Taban Yul to seek out an apprenticeship in blacksmithing.

Palom blames himself for not being strong enough to save his brother, and when he came of age, his guilt manifested itself in his transformation into that which would give him the power he desperately needed; a tiger.

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Artwork by Trevor Smith Art