Meet Moroda, the titular protagonist of book one in the World of Linaria series. A twenty-five year old woman from Corhaven capital city, Niversai, Moroda was a Goldstone until the passing of her father and loss of much of the family money.

She has lived a relatively sheltered life with her every need met, and is naïve about much of her world and the people in it. She is incredibly trusting of others and avoids conflict wherever possible, and yet she also has an incredible inner strength and intelligence that helps her see the good in almost any situation.

She is filled with a deep wonder of her world now she has been thrust into it, but does not always understand the danger. With a desire to do the right thing, to learn about her companions and the dragons of her world, Moroda is desperate to prevent war from sweeping across Linaria.

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Artwork by Art of Monztre.