Morgen is a young man of twenty-two who joined the Imperial Guard in the hopes of becoming rich and famous. Though he was promoted to officer within his first year due to his skill with a blade, life following orders isn’t exactly what it seems. He joins the others following the dragon’s attack on the city of Niversai, and it does not take long to realise he is quite out of his depth!

The youngest of six sons, Morgen soon left the small town to seek his fortune at the capital. Strong for his age, Morgen managed to hold his own against a group of squires serving under knights at the castle, and he was soon taken under the wing of their captain.

Coming from a poor family, Morgen had no quick route of moving up other than sheer hard work and determination. He dislikes the way Corhaven is being run and does not always agree with Imperial orders, much to his and his colleague’s chagrin.

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Artwork by Trevor Smith Art