Eryn is Moroda’s younger sister. She is practical, resourceful, and logical, and is the one who keeps the two grounded. She sees the world with a critical eye and will never rush headfirst into anything she hasn’t first calculated. Her analytical mind often holds Moroda’s dreams back, but as she is five years younger than Moroda, she often concedes to her elder’s preferences.

Despite the occasional bickering, the two are closer than ever following the tragic death of their father, and Eryn has kept the pair from falling into complete ruin. She has the business mind of their father and wishes to continue his trade, though the two have met with little success.

Though Eryn is largely more sensible, she is prone to occasional emotional outburst when frustration or fear boils over. She cares about nothing so strongly as her sister, and will remain by her side no matter their situation.

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Artwork by Trevor Smith Art