Anahrik is Palom’s business partner, a free-spirited silversmith who can transform into a falcon! He decorates Palom’s weapons with fine silver and often charms potential customers into buying their wares with his fast talking!

Born into a trading family in the heart of Taban Yul, Ahnarik is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of city life, fast-paced trading, nor quickly building rapports with strangers to sell. He has a silver tongue and a speedy outlook, and it was no shock when his transformation took the form of a falcon.

With a quick wit to match his physical speed, he often manages to persuade his customers to pay more than they normally would for his intricate silver works. Ahnarik started in jewellery and decorative ornaments, but now adds glorious silver inlays and finery to Palom’s weapons and armour, and the two have quite a signature shop.

Though free-spirited, he is quick to rise to a challenge, and Ahnarik often relies on Palom to cool him down whenever negotiations go sour. The two are like brothers, and will follow each other to the end.

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Artwork by Trevor Smith Art