About Lauren

Hello! Nice to virtually meet you! I’m Lauren, and I have two writing careers – as a copywriter and as an indie fantasy author.

About me – I live in the UK (Oxfordshire), studied Psychology at Brunel University, and have a fascination with MBTI (I’m an INFJ). Since early 2017, I’ve been a member of Garage Fiction, a group of writers who commit to writing one piece of fiction every week, and discussing it on a Podcast. You can find out more on our website, here.

About my writing – My debut epic fantasy series is The World of Linaria. The six-book series touches on a lot of themes, including brotherhood and sisterhood, love and loss, sacrifice, prejudice, and elements of finding oneself, all wrapped up with an eclectic cast of characters, and full to bursting with dragons, sky pirates, and airships!

The first three books of the series, Moroda, Palom, and Amarah, are available digitally via Amazon, and in paperback, right here!

My brand-new urban fantasy series, The Kouzlo Saga, is also available on Amazon here!