A day in the life…

You ever discover someone’s job title and wonder…what do they actually do all day?

What’s the point of all those meetings they’re constantly rushing in and out of?

What are they actually typing when their fingers are racing across the keyboard?

And how much tea do they consume per hour?

People have been wondering all this and more about me.

I’ve had AT LEAST four emails questioning my writing qualifications.



I’m a copywriter. Well, technically a content writer (I’m aware those are different things but that’s a discussion for another post) – basically I write for a living! I work for an awesome creative agency and have worked in marketing since 2012.

So, what does that mean?

Emails, websites, sales copy, web copy, DMs, eDMs… If a company writes something, chances are it’s something I’ve also written.

Write everything

So, with the increasing popularity of “day in the life” style posts, and people asking what I do “for my day job,” and everything it entails, here’s my very own…

Day in the life of… A Copywriter for a Creative Agency

6:30am – Alarm goes off. Immediately hit snooze.

6:55am – Snoozed alarm goes off for the fifth time and I get up to use the bathroom. Let the dog out and give him his breakfast.

7:10am – Get back into bed (wrapped in a towel) and sit on my phone for another twenty minutes browsing social media… No early-morning gym or crazy-strict workout routine for me!

7:30am – Actually get up, get dressed, and leave for work. Might make a sandwich for lunch if I didn’t spend too long contemplating life in bed.

7:45 – 8:50am – Drive to work. I might listen to an audiobook in the car on the way in if I’m feeling up to it. Otherwise Classic FM is a nice, soft way to start the day. If I’m starving, I might pick up a McDonald’s breakfast on my way in, otherwise it’s a meal I usually skip.

8:50am – Arrive at work and make myself a giant cup of tea. Its regular breakfast tea, quite milky with one sugar.

9:00am – Sit at my desk and set up for the day. There are a few emails to go through, be it feedback on work I’ve submitted, being cc’d into existing project emails so I can see what stage they’re at, an interesting bit of marketing or video that someone’s seen and shared, or updates from the project managers/directors about new work that’ll be coming up soon so we have a heads up.

9:15am – I’ll make some more progress on a video script for a client. Need to ensure it’s short and punchy, full of emotion and sparkle – not too boring or clinical – with a human connection that puts the client in the hero’s seat. Must be original and funny and friendly (relaxed, but not unprofessional) and show the client’s caring, understanding nature and how they’re experts in their field without saying so directly, and also be interesting and less than one minute long.

11:00am – Catch up with one of the Project Managers on a magazine I wrote last week. Going through the required amends so I can advise how long it’ll take me, and they can quote this to the client. Accept the offer of another cuppa.

11:15am – One of our pharmaceutical clients needs two DMs and two eDMs for a loyalty campaign they’re running. So I draft up all of these. I’ll need to decipher the brief, check previous campaigns to ensure it matches thematically, double-check the product sheets they’ve given and flag any queries. Once written, I upload to our project management software so the project manager and the client can see and feedback.

1:00pm – Lunch hour. If I didn’t make a sandwich at home, I’ll drive to the local supermarket and get a meal deal. If I’m lazy, I’ll walk to Subway. If I’m super lazy, I’ll walk to the local fish and chip shop and make everyone in the office jealous. We have an office gym but I’ve never used it.

2:00pm – Email catch up with another brew. Sometimes I’ll be asked to quickly proof a last-minute presentation, letter, or email before it gets sent out.

2:15pm – Weekly call with a client to get the brief for a new blog post they want me to write.

2:30pm – I’ll do some research on the topic for the blog post while everything is fresh in my mind. I’ll write up notes and sometimes bullet point/outline the post. I’ll paste in any links I use under the resources section to reference later.

3:00pm – Group meeting led by one of the directors in the board room. We’re brainstorming a new client’s project requirements. It’s more of a discussion and gets everyone motivated. We learn about the client, who they are, what they want, their budget, and get some ideas up on the wall. I make another cup of tea on my way to the meeting because tea is fuel.

4:00pm – Carrying on with the scriptwriting from earlier – there’s a catch up meeting tomorrow morning so I need to make sure it’s as good as I can get it. Once I’m done tweaking, I close my eyes, hit send, and pray everyone likes it. Despite re-writing it five or six times, I’m not 100% confident it’s right. Imposter syndrome is strong today. I make another cup of tea. Tea always makes things better.

4:30pm – Creative hooks are needed for another client, this time it’s in the insurance sector. I spend time researching the various insurance categories they cover, what their audience is interested in, and going through the keynote presentation before writing creative hooks that are cute, quirky, catchy…and actually relevant.

5:00pm – The video team sweep through the office with their camera for an internal project they’re working on. I smile begrudgingly. If you work in a creative agency you have to get used to a camera being thrust in your face at random intervals. I’m still not used to it.

5:30pm – End of the day, time for my drive home! If I’m not too frazzled, I’ll listen to my audiobook. If my brain is mush, then Classic FM it is!

6:45pm – I’m usually home by now, sometimes I stop at the supermarket to pick up milk or something equally essential. I have a bath and get into my pyjamas.

7:30pm – Cook/eat dinner

8:30pm – Usually my creative juices are sapped by this point. If I’m feeling awake/have a looming deadline, I’ll do some writing (yes, this is dedicated book three time). If I’m less awake, I’ll play Playstation. If I’m super tired, I’ll just watch a bit of TV and fall asleep on the sofa, pulling a muscle in my shoulder meaning I can’t turn my head for the next three days.

9:30pm – Bed! Which actually means sitting on my phone… Or if I’m still awake, I’ll read.

10:00pm – Sleep!


So there you have it!

Do you think that’s too much tea? Should start squeezing in an early morning run or some yoga?

Feel free to ask any other questions about copywriting or agency life!

And please be kind when chasing when book three in my World of Linaria series is going to be published, I have limited time and my brain is often shutting down when I actually try and do some work on it!


Best wishes and happy reading!