Since its release as an eBook on 1 April 2017 and in paperback on 1 May 2017, Moroda has received multiple four and five-star reviews. Here are what readers have said about my debut novel.


WARNING! Highly addictive!!
Mark, 2 April 2017

“Finally got 2 mins to start reading my copy, now i don’t read books as i don’t have much free time and would rather watch a film than read a book, but this is highly addictive, i am putting off important jobs just so i can continue turning the page!! Will book 2 be ready by the time i’m finished reading this one? Haha.

Very well done, a very enjoyable read so far :D”


Easy and engaging read – you’ll find it hard to put down.
Patricia, 4 April 2017

“I read this book in 3 days as I couldn’t put it down.The characters are interesting, lots of twists to the story and great descriptions so I can easily transport and lose myself in this fictional world. If you like adventure fantasy this is an easy and engaging read. Highly recommend.”


A fun and fantastic read!
Ian, 5 April 2017

“I really enjoyed this book: really really enjoyed it, to the point where it claims a spot as one of my favorite fantasy novels. It had that wonderful quality where I got sucked in, and just wanted to read more and more until finally (and sadly) there were no more pages left. What I liked was that it wasn’t a complicated story: the kind with a giant cast of characters who you start to forget, and multiple overly convoluted plots and sequences. Instead we follow the antics of the title character, Moroda, as she and several others flee a dragon attack, only to uncover something even more sinister… I don’t want to say too much about the story for spoilers, but it tossed in several unexpected surprises and twists in, and kept me on the edge of my seat. I found myself getting very drawn to the characters, and actually being interested in their exploits, which of course added to the enjoyment. The locations, too, were well done, vividly described, and quite varied, too, which made the tale all that more compelling. It’s a fast read, but by no means a boring one, and a fun ride all the way through. This was a fantastic read, all the more so for a first novel, and I can’t wait to read more of her stories.”


A real Fantasy treat – So don’t miss out!
Jack, 17 April 2017

“A fantasy book that seems to step away from the stereotypes of its genre, Moroda involves you in a world that bursts at the seams with exciting settings, enjoyable characters and a vivid landscapes.

The narrative dumps you straight into the thick of the action, following the titular Moroda and an ever-growing list of characters that each have their own unique backstories. A compliment I can definitely give the author is her ability to bounce between them effortlessly, drip-feeding tidbits of information that make each individual more dimensional. This is only compounded by a world that lives and breathes along with the best of them – visual treats galore as it is spoonfed to you in generous servings.

I really can’t recommend this book enough – it is a thoroughly enjoyable ride, and I look forward to whatever comes next!”


For fans of The Witcher
Leonie, 18 April 2017

“Moroda is L.L McNeil’s debut novel in the epic fantasy genre. It focuses on the character of Moroda, a young girl who has lost her status as a Goldstone after her father dies. To top it off she just got arrested and then a dragon attacked their city. Her only option seems to be escape from the city with an eclectic bunch of people which includes; a sky pirate, a Varkain (scary snake man), two Itallans (shape shifters), an Arillian (guy who can fly and create storm weather) and a member of the Imperial Guard. That’s where the adventure begins.

As they journey across their world, mayhem and magic abound as Moroda is taken out of her comfort zone and has to learn how to fight, fly an airship and try desperately to defend the ones she loves against the evil Aciel.

Despite being quite a long book, Moroda is an easy read, the characters are easy to remember and the author creates a world much different to our own and yet one which the reader can get lost in. Even better the book is written well and more importantly, edited well making it a very enjoyable read.

Moroda sometimes came across as a bit of a weakling but don’t worry if you’re getting that vibe because she wins her badass stripes in the end!

I really enjoyed the history of the different races/species in this book as well. The ideas were new and well written and character creation was authentic and well imagined, more importantly it was original. I especially liked the Varkain and hope I get to read more about them and their history in upcoming novels in the saga. I also loved Amarah the Sky Pirate she is a super cool badass and it’s nice to see a woman in the position of pirate and hellraiser!

I loved the background on the dragons as well and the idea of them being gods. Dragons have always fascinated me and it was a very interesting take on their nature and responsibilities to the world they inhabited.

I can’t wait to read more in this saga and can recommend it to lovers of all fantasy series but particularly if you like books like Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series.”


A great read
Annette, 28 April 2017

I don’t read a lot of fantasy books, as I sometimes find it a bit challenging to understand everything that is going on. Not with this book. L.L.McNeil’s writing is inspiring, she makes it easy to follow the story even though there are elements that are “out of this world”, such as dragons and flying ships. After reading this book, flying ships are the most natural thing in the world (and awesome, I really want one)!

The characters are interesting, giving you a lot of funny, scary, intense and surprising moments – I really liked the author’s ability to change your mind about a character once you thought you had figured him/her out. I’m excited to see what happens next in the world of Linaria!

And be warned – the author is extremely good at describing things, and will make you hungry: ‘Resting on the white linen on the lid of the hamper were eight bread rolls, still hot from the oven and dripping with butter.’”


Gripping debut!
Olivia, 3 May 2017

“I would like to thank the author L.L. McNeil for kindly offering me a copy of the book in exchange for a honest review.

Moroda is L.L. McNeil’s debut novel and I was excited when I found out that it’s an epic fantasy with a female protagonist and dragons. Who doesn’t love dragons?

It’s an easy read that starts a bit slow but quickly turns into a gripping story about a young woman who sets out to save her world, Linaria, from a war. On her journey she meets a varied bunch of characters. They all feel authentic and have interesting pasts and promising futures.

The world building is creative, yet straightforward making this a good book for someone who does not usually read fantasy and might shy away from the sheer complexitiy of some of the work out there. The different races in Linaria are fresh and well imagined and I especially hope to see more about the Varkain in the sequels.

It took a while to get into the book. The first chapter sets everything up nicely and is certainly intriguing but Moroda is young and reluctant, even a bit shy at first and it takes a few chapters before her character fully blossoms and starts kicking ass.

L.L. McNeil has created several strong female characters, but the one I enjoyed most was Amarah the sky pirate with her airship. The book also has an interesting villain and some compelling morally grey characters I found myself rooting for halfway through.

I would recommend Moroda to anyone who is looking for a new twist in epic fantasy with a character driven plot and dragons.”


Great for seasoned and newbie fantasy readers
Laura, 7 May 2017

“Wow. I cannot rate this book highly enough! The author manages to avoid all the usual tropes female fantasy writers seem to fall victim to. I was beginning to despair of the same formula of a peasant heroine being chased around for an entire novel before anything exciting happens in the closing chapter.

Moroda avoids all of this by delving straight into the action. The world building is deep, but not so much that it becomes confusing, and enough breadcrumbs are left scattered throughout the plot to keep you hooked on the characters back stories.

The greatest strength has to be the title character Moroda, finally a relatable heroine. Not one bogged down in a tedious love triangle, Moroda displays reasonable and ultimately heroic actions throughout. Her growth as a character feels natural and not forced, and rather than being bestowed with immense magical powers her power comes from her own inner strength and sense of morality.

A great read from start to finish, the plot didn’t drag at any point. I’d highly recommend for seasoned fantasy readers and newbies alike. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.”


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